Rotary meets United Nations

Theme: Youth Innovation; Crafting Solutions to emerging challenges

Youth Innovation: Crafting solutions to emerging challenges

Join Rotary leaders, members, and guests in Kenya, as we recognise our longstanding special relationship with the United Nations and young leaders who are changing our world.

1000 delegates are expected to attend this year’s Rotary Day at the United Nations, Youth Innovation: Crafting Solutions to Emerging Challenges. UN officials and humanitarian experts will inspire participants to find innovative strategies for addressing humanitarian challenges both locally and globally.

General sessions and workshops will discuss the UN Sustainable Development Goals, the technological revolution, and young people’s role in creating change. A special session on the environment will highlight the importance of sustainable development and offer concrete actions that people of all generations can take to ensure a clean and healthy future.

Six volunteers under age 35 will be honoured as Rotary People of Action: Young Innovators. And for the first time, the event will feature an Innovation Fair where Rotary clubs, businesses, and other organizations will exhibit humanitarian projects and cutting-edge technology that can help address the challenges we face.

Who Attends?

1000 delegates from Nairobi, across Africa and around the world are expected to converge on the Kenyan capital for this auspicious event. The day is open to all with an interest in creating positive change in their lives, community and world.

Barry Rassin UN Day Message
Barry Rassin Honorees Message
Barry Rassin, President of Rotary International

Recognising the leadership role Nairobi plays as a center of innovation and leadership throughout Africa – particularly as young leaders are drawn to its technological hub, Nairobi plays an increasingly important role as a voice for innovation for humanitarian purposes and the environment.  As such, Barry Rassin, President of Rotary International in 2018-19 welcomes a Rotary Day at the United Nations Offices in Nairobi (UNON) and notes such an event will benefit the 2 organizations in so many ways.

About the Capital city of Kenya

Kenya’s capital city, Nairobi, is the most dynamic city, also known as the “green city in the sun” for many reasons. It is Kenya’s largest city with a population of nearly four million.

Nairobi is a city full of contrasts. It’s old enough so you can feel its past and multi-ethnic enough so you can experience Kenyan culture, yet it’s modern enough to get Internet access.

It’s a city that blends people from all cultures and walks of life. Adorned with modern skyscrapers, world class restaurants, fully equipped hospitals, modern shopping malls, schools, abundant private and public transportation, and universities and colleges that provide local and international curriculum – you will find it all in Nairobi.

The city is also home to numerous local and international businesses and organizations. Nairobi bustles with activity. It’s a city that never sleeps; the rhythm is fast, day and night. There’s always something to do and see in Nairobi and its people are friendly and hospitable.

Karura Walk Info.

9 A.M. to 11 A.M.

Limuru Road Gate

Rotaractors shall be on standby to offer guidance. Contact Edgar Muchai: +254 700 072922 /





Keynote speakers

Meet our speakers


Rotary International President

Barry Rassin earned an MBA in health and hospital administration from the University of (Click Image or Name to Read more...)

    Hanna S. Tetteh

    Director-General of the United Nations Office at Nairobi (UNON)

    Hanna S. Tetteh is the Director-General of the United Nations Office at Nairobi (UNON).(Click Image or Name to Read more...)

      Sushil Kumar Gupta

      Rotary International President Nominee

      Sushil Kumar Gupta, of the Rotary Club of Delhi Midwest, Delhi, India, is the selection of (Click Image or Name to Read more...)

        Erik Solheim

        Executive Director of UN Environment

        Erik Solheim has been Executive Director of UN Environment since 2016. With an extensive (Click Image or Name to Read more...)

          Michele Berg

          Deputy General Secretary - Rotary International

          Michele Berg helps lead the day-to-day operations of the Secretariat, ensuring (Click Image or Name to Read more...)

          Ed Futa

          Past General Secretary and Chief Operating Officer of Rotary International

          Ed Futa is a past General Secretary and Chief Operating Officer of Rotary International and The Rotary Foundation, (Click Image or Name to Read more...)

            Peter Kyle

            Qualified Barrister and Solicitor

            Peter is a qualified Barrister and Solicitor; after 16 years in the World Bank Peter retired from his position as Lead Counsel (Click Image or Name to Read more...)

              Werner Schultink

              UNICEF Kenya Country Office Representative

              Mr. Schultink is the UNICEF Kenya Country Office Representative. Mr. Schultink, a national of the Netherlands, joined UNICEF in April 1999

                Joe Munene

                Managing Director, Broadcast Division of Standard Group Plc

                He is a media executive with 20 yrs experience in Television broadcast management. (Click Image or Name to Read more...)

                  Dr. Wale Akinyemi

                  business strategist, consultant,author, inspirational speaker

                  Dr. Wale is a prolific published author who has written 16 books. (Click Image or Name to Read more...)

                    Stephen Chege

                    Director, Corporate Affairs at Safaricom Limited,

                    Stephen is the Director, Corporate Affairs at Safaricom Limited (Click Image or Name to Read more...)

                      Doreen Mbaya

                      Head Of Marketing at Standard Group

                      Doreen is the head of Marketing at Standard Media Group. She is a highly creative leader, excellent at new product development, (Click Image or Name to Read more...)

                        Sanda Ojiambo

                        Head of Corporate Responsibility; Safaricom Limited

                        Sanda is an Economist and Public Policy Analyst by training, with over 20 years of multi sectoral policy and development work in the NGO,

                          Philemon Kipkemoi

                          Finance Director at British American Tobacco

                          Philemon is an experienced finance professional. He started out as an auditor with PwC (global audit & consulting firm) (Click Image or Name to Read more...)

                            Minu Limbu

                            Management Specialist (Innovation Lead) at UNICEF Kenya

                            Minu is an information Management Specialist (Innovation Lead) at UNICEF Kenya with over 13 years journey of humanitarian (Click Image or Name to Read more...)

                              Patrick Obath

                              Associate Director at Adam Smith International Africa Limited (ASI)

                              Patrick is an Associate Director at Adam Smith International Africa Limited (ASI) and a Managing Consultant for Eduardo Associates,

                                Sam Gichuru

                                Co-founder and the current Director of Nailab Consulting

                                Sam is the co-founder and the current Director of Nailab Consulting, one of Kenya’ s leading business accelelator and incubator. (Click Image or Name to Read more...)

                                  Kamal Budhabhatti

                                  Founder and CEO of Craft Silicon

                                  Kamal is the founder and CEO of Craft Silicon, a Kenyan software company with a local base and global (Click Image or Name to Read more...)

                                    Michael Waiyaki

                                    Founder and CEO of Miti Alliance

                                    Michael is the Founder and CEO of Miti Alliance a social enterprise operating in Kenya focusing on planting and growing trees. (Click Image or Name to Read more...)

                                      Cecilia Ngotho

                                      President of the Rotaract Club of Nairobi Central

                                      Cecilia is an experienced external auditor with a passion for development matters especially sustainable development issues (Click Image or Name to Read more...)


                                        businessman, change strategist, trainer, communications expert

                                        Mark is a 33 year old entrepreneurial businessman, change strategist, trainer, communications expert,

                                          Gilda Odera

                                          Public Policy & Social Entrepreneur

                                          Gilda is a management, leadership, entrepreneurship, boards advisory services and policy development specialist with vast experience in entrepreneurship, (Click Image or Name to Read more...)

                                            Samantha Kezzie Weya

                                            Actuarial Analyst at Zamara Actuaries

                                            Samantha works as an actuarial Analyst at Zamara Actuaries, Administrators and Consultants Limited (Zamara) (Click Image or Name to Read more...)

                                              Charles Mwakio

                                              Director in Hifadhi Africa Organization

                                              Charles is a management trainer who assists small and medium companies in the areas of business development,

                                                Wanjiru Waweru

                                                Founder of Funkidz Limited

                                                Wanjiru is a creative serial entrepreneur passionate about empowering the youth in entrepreneurship and believes in mentoring young men and women (Click Image or Name to Read more...)

                                                  Huston Malande

                                                  CEO of Skyline

                                                  Huston's vocational raison d’etre is to establish and invest in innovative companies and individuals who will shape Africa’s future through design, (Click Image or Name to Read more...)

                                                    Dixon Karani

                                                    IT Strategy and Management Adviser

                                                    Dixon, is an IT Strategy and Management Adviser. He is an ITIL®-certified Consultant with diverse (Click Image or Name to Read more...)

                                                      People of Action: Young Innovators

                                                      Meet our Honorees
                                                      (Click on image or name to Read more…)

                                                      Albert Kafka

                                                      Club: Rotaract Club of Wien-Stadpark, Rotary Club of Wien-Oper, Vienna, Austria

                                                      Project Title: Intarconnect Mentoring and –Inter-Generational Projects Innovation: Pairing members of different generations together in a one-year mentoring relationship so they can learn from each other, share experiences..

                                                        Charlie Ruth Castro

                                                        Rotary E-Club Sogamoso, Colombia

                                                        Project Title: Innovative New Beginnings Innovation: Training women prisoners vocational and business skills and empowering them to create new opportunities for themselves. Description: Using her extensive experience in digital communications...

                                                          Christina Hassan

                                                          Rotary Club of Calgary Fish Creek, Canada

                                                          Project Title: Full Soul Innovation: Training midwives and supplying safe, sterile child birth equipment to hospitals in Uganda. Description: Hassan, a public health specialist with a master’s in public health, launched Full Soul to address the..

                                                            Paul Mushaho

                                                            Rotaract Club of Nakivale, Uganda

                                                            Project Title: Rotaract Club of Nakivale Refugee Settlement Innovation: Organizing young people in the Nakivale Refugee Settlement into a Rotaract club which conducts various service projects improving the lives of a diverse community of...

                                                              Shadrack (Sheddy) Nyawa

                                                              Rotary Club of Kilifi, Kenya

                                                              Project Title: Rotary Club of Kilifi Water and Sanitation Innovation: Traveling to hard-to-reach schools in the Ganze district of Kenya to identify those most in need of new toilets and health/hygiene education. Description: Waiting in long...

                                                                Ludovic Grosjean

                                                                Melbourne City Rotaract Club, Australia

                                                                Project Title: The Ocean CleanX Innovation: Founding a cutting-edge company that is developing new technology to monitor and remove pollution from waterways. Description: Ludovic, a 29-year-old engineer with 12 years of experience in oceanography..


                                                                  Don’t miss the incredible Panels & Workshops  during the RotaryUNDay

                                                                  08:00 - 10:00
                                                                  United Nations Offices in Nairobi (UNON)

                                                                  Delegates Registration

                                                                  Delegates register and clear security

                                                                  08:00 - 16:00

                                                                  Innovation Networking Fair

                                                                  The Innovation Fair is a place where participants can meet and hear from companies and organizations that are using technology in new and unique ways to enhance their humanitarian activities.

                                                                  10:00 - 11:20
                                                                  ~1hr 15Mins
                                                                  CONFERENCE HALL

                                                                  Opening Plenary

                                                                  UN and Rotary leaders welcome guests to Nairobi, comment on our long-standing history of cooperation, and introduce the topic of Youth Innovation.

                                                                  11:20 - 11:30
                                                                  CONFERENCE HALL

                                                                  Coffee Break & Transit to the Workshops

                                                                  There will be a 15 minutes break to grab coffee and Visiting of the Innovation Fair.

                                                                  11:30 - 13:00
                                                                  UNON General Assembly & UNON Meeting Rooms

                                                                  Breakout/Workshop Sessions

                                                                  There will be at least 3 Workshops and more information will be announced before breaking out to the various rooms.

                                                                  13.30 – 14.15
                                                                  UNON Grounds

                                                                  Luncheon, Networking, Touring, Innovation Fair

                                                                  There will be a 1 hour Lunch period and a chance to either interact with the fellow delegates or walk around to view the showcased exhibitions.

                                                                  14.15 – 16.00
                                                                  UNON GENERAL ASSEMBLY HALL

                                                                  Closing Plenary

                                                                  Summary/Word of Thanks by Mr. Ed Futa, Rotary Representative and Past General Secretary

                                                                  UNITED NATIONS OFFICE IN NAIROBI (UNON)

                                                                  Security/ Departure

                                                                  The Village Market

                                                                  Rotary UN Day After Party

                                                                  A Splash of colour with a touch of Africa

                                                                  Sign Up For Updates

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                                                                    Event tickets

                                                                    Hurry up and Register  to secure your chance at the event

                                                                    Young Leaders
                                                                    $25 (Kshs 2600)
                                                                    • Registration
                                                                    • Lunch
                                                                    • Coffee & Snacks
                                                                    • Networking and Workshops
                                                                    • (age 35 or younger)
                                                                    $80 (Kshs 8200)
                                                                    • Registration
                                                                    • Lunch
                                                                    • Coffee & Snacks
                                                                    • Networking and Workshops
                                                                    • (age 36 or older)

                                                                    what people say

                                                                    I had the privilege to participate in Rotary UN day in UNO head quarter in 2008. I was lucky to meet all stalwarts from Rotary as well as UNO.
                                                                    Malladi Vasudev
                                                                    A wonderful partnership for almost 70 years.
                                                                    Fred H. Speno
                                                                    a great program…. Doing good in the world!
                                                                    Clover Dewar

                                                                    GENERATION UNLIMITED YOUTH CHALLENGE

                                                                    Apply for the GUnlimited youth challenge under the following categories: Secondary education, employability and decent work skills & Empowerment of the youth.

                                                                    Organising Committee

                                                                    Meet our Organising Committee Members

                                                                    SALOME GITOHO

                                                                    Rotary Representative to UN HABITAT

                                                                    Dr. Salome Gitoho is a Leadership, Organizational Development and HR Consultant with several years’ experience in various capacities in the Government, public, private, international NGO, hospitality sectors, academia and consultancy. In her working career she has worked with the Government of (Click Image or Name to Read more...)

                                                                    JOE OTIN

                                                                    Rotary Representative to the UN Environment

                                                                    Joe Otin is the CEO of The Collective, an interactive ad agency with 25 years experience in advertising, media research & content production. He is the chairman of the Advertising Standards Board, the president of PAMRO (Pan African Media Research Organization), and a member of the oversight (Click Image or Name to Read more...)

                                                                    Samson Tesfaye

                                                                    Rotary International Representative to the African Union and United Nations Economic Commission for Africa

                                                                    Samson is the chartering president of Rotary Club of Addis Ababa Central-Mella of District 9212. He joined Rotary in 2002 as the chartering member of the Rotaract Club of Mella. He has served Rotary in different positons at the country level and district level.
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