Paul Mushaho

Rotaract Club of Nakivale, Uganda

    Project Title: Rotaract Club of Nakivale Refugee Settlement

    Innovation: Organizing young people in the Nakivale Refugee Settlement into a Rotaract club which conducts various service projects improving the lives of a diverse community of refugees in the camp.

    Description: War brought Mushaho to the settlement in 2016 from his homeland of The Republic of Congo. In response to a competition sponsored by the American Refugee Committee and the Ugandan government, Mushaho entered a winning proposal for a beekeeping business. He earned the right to present his idea to a wider audience in Kampala, where it was seen by Rotary members in Kampala and Minnesota. Recognizing his leadership and charisma, the refugee committee worked with Mushaho to charter a Rotaract club in the settlement. The club has taught farming skills, provided sewing machines for women’s groups, volunteered in maternity wards, organized tree planting and poultry projects, and provided mentoring for young people in the camp.